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№ 1201 she comes again


and again and again. Lady Spring hides in the snowy woods but I guess she will come again!

NEW!! hair: Soonsiki! -Black Tie @ TMD
eyes:  Brixley - Divine (kooky)
skin: Mother Goose's - Yu IV
 NEW!! body: Maitreya - Lara V1.0

NEW!! dress: Moon Amore - Dreams Dress @ Oneword
(available 2 packs - each pack includes 5 top textures and 6 skirt colors. The fatpack include 5 tops textures and 15 skirt colors with a hud to change the texture. :D)

NEW!! earrings: AvaWay - White Pearl earrings
friend: Birdy - Snow Cub (vip gift!)
NEW!! ring: Moon Amore - Unicorn Ring @ Oneword 

best wishes for your new year! Hope our plans come true... like the spring come again!

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