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№ 1202 Flair

some have the flair - some does not
Keep your eyes open, I read a lot of complains last days about the feet/shoes fitting. Be aware, designers can not do shoes in sooo many versions and if you are buying a new pair - please try demo or/and read the notecards! Belleza don't fit Slink shoes, Maitreya or reverse!

me on the left:
NEW!! hair: Catwa - Lila Hoodie 
(colorchange the hoodie via hud!)
NEW!! eyes: Egozy - Intense Eyes (dark hazel)
NEW!! face: Wow Skins - Rory (January Group Gift!)
NEW!! tattoo: Reckless - Gide @ Frost
 body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02

NEW!! jacket: Redgrave - Rex Leather Jacket
(awesome hud to change shirt [under] and jacket colors -
 I wear XS cause its a male part, but I love the jacket!)
NEW!! pants: Cynful - Tweed Pants @ The Dressing Room Fusion
NEW!! heels: Moda - Nova Leather Platform (killer!)

NEW!! rose: Catwa - BlackLong Rose (rare) @ Room 69
NEW!! back: Zenith - Bucket Bag (black)

model on the right:
NEW!! hair: Catwa - Lilo Hoodie
NEW!! eyes: Egozy - Intense Eyes
face: Egozy -Anjali (tan)
  body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02

NEW!! outfit: ArisAris - aa72 Icelandic (poncho & skirt)
NEW!! pumps: Bens Boutique - Setenay Pumps (v2)

NEW!! clutch: Swallow - Apocalypse Clutch @ Room 69 
NEW!! deco-cat:  OVH Home - Feline
(comes in different styles!)
I am such a fan of OVH Home stuff, the deco is just what I would have at home and the homes are super cool!

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