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№ 1207 pale matters


there is often a big divide between people which prefer tan and the ones who love pale skins. But pale matters to me and the details of the face are not that hard, but the softness and beauty in a good skin, will stay, even in pale tones. Try your paler tones
NEW!! hair: Olive -the Delilah Hair @ Uber
eyes:  Redgrave -Bella (lost in forest)
NEW!! face: the Skinnery - Estelle (christmas gift) milk
 body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02
NEW!! sweater/dress: Cynful - Prissy Fur Outfit 
wordless cool options to change the fur parts, wear it as dress or as sweater
go and try your demo!
NEW!! pumps: N*B - Butterfly heels
(change color via hud)

NEW!! jewelry: NaYu Design - Thor's Hammer
(change metal and stones via hud!)

NEW!! rack: Urban Daisies - Rotterdam Coat Rack (shabby)
with cushion (sit here :) )

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