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№ 1208 cuddle me time


it is cold outside and we need to cuddle and have a warm light besides!
NEW!! hair: Olive - the Ara Hair @ The Season Story
face: Birdy - Maisie (pure) (VIP gift!)
  NEW!! body: Maitreya - Lara V2.1
(updated body! go and get your new body via redelivery)
 Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 2.1 Update-
- Neck on tattoo layer full length
- Texture loading issue resolved
- Nails length no longer influenced by gloves on/off
- Small fix on toes

NEW!! sweater: Bens Boutique - Crop Sweater
 NEW!! skirt: Bens Boutique - Peplum Skirt 
NEW!! boots: Bens Boutique - Oxford Booties
NEW!! glasses: Tee*fy - BearyBeary Glasses Brown
NEW!! cuddlefriend: Stardust - Soft Cuddle KittyCat (gacha!!)

-furniture & deco-
NEW!! sidetable: Stardust -Vintage Bedside Table (just 1 prim)
NEW!! lantern: Stardust -VintageLantern (only 1 prim!)

enjoy your cuddle time!

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