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№ 1212 new week new start


what a weekend! Mine was full of RL things to do and visiting friends - lot of work and I feel tired, but so full of inspiration to blog! Start with that great news:
left girl:
NEW!! hair: Olive -the Delilah Hair @ Uber 
 NEW!! head: Genesis Lab - Naomi v1.0
body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02
NEW!! dress: OVH -Tilda Dress @ kustom 9
NEW!! pumps: ChicChica - Sesa heels (redlace)

scarf: mon tissu - Infinity Scarf
NEW!! necklace: Basta - Shindra Necklace (goldindigo) @ Room 69
NEW!! bag: PinkAcid - Plastic Locket of Love @ OMG
me on the right:
NEW!! hair: Truth - Harmony
  NEW!! head: Genesis Lab - Anais
 body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02
NEW!! full outfit: Bens Boutique - Lady Cool outfit
Comes with all you see! Unbelievable nice combination with 
glasses, bag, sweater, tied sweater, jeans and awesome shoes for 
just 350L $

earrings/necklace: Mandala - Sinra (venusgold)
ring: Maxi Gossamer - Atlantis Moon

thanks that you all start this new week with me!!

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