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No 1217 draw lines


draw your own lines, get your own style and stay proud of it. One of the coolest ideas I saw last time for extravagant fashion I found at Cosmopolitan Sale Room ->

NEW!! hair: Truth - Topaz (2versions in the pack)
NEW!! eyes: Egozy - Noir eyes (Hyolee skin pack)
NEW!! face: Egozy - Hyolee (fair)
 applier/body: Maitreya - Lara V2.1
NEW!! catsuit: Ashmoot - CatSuit #02 @ Cosmopolitan

NEW!! jewelry: Ashmoot - Opal Ring / 5Chains Necklace/ Wave Earrings @ Cosmopolitan 
NEW!! collar/skirt: Ashmoot - Futura02 @ Cosmopolitan 
Have a great weekend with new crazy fashion and new events!

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