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No. 1231 chaos in my head

and chaos in my inventory. Who do not know that - you have 24 plans, what and how to do. And if you log in and open the folders... it looks just like chaos. Even if its super planed and structured. I follow my heart in these moments and just grab what comes into my hands - if I love it, I blog it right away and fill the picture with what played with my mind.
Friday Nana:
hair: Catwa - Mia !!NEW!!
face: Fiore -Contoured Mesh Head !!NEW!!
body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
mesh hands: Slink AvEnhancement Hands
meshfeet: Slink AvEnhance Female High Feet
nailpolish: Hello Dave - Soft as Love (gloss and matt version available!)
suit: CandyDoll - Belle Jumpsuit @ Burlesque (!great event!) !!NEW!!
boots: CandyDoll - Carisa @ Fashion Fair !!NEW!!
necklace: Divinity - Puzzle Heart Necklace @ Cosmopolitan
bag: 9ty - Summer Bag Pink @ Cosmopolitan 
candles/table/letter: Fancy Decor - Vertical Candles/ Round Wire Table
                                                         Letter Opener&Mail @ Cosmopolitan 
rug: Urban Daisies - Almere Berber Rug @ Perfect Ten !!NEW!!

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