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No. 1374 free like a firefly

I like that wonderful options of lights in Second Life and such nice details for land or just for a nice picture! Alegria just release that wonderful star fireflies at we love roleplay in 5 colors you will love! During the WE<3 RP August Round they are going to be at 50% off!

hair: Exile - Give and Take *gacha*
face: Fluture - Anastasia /latte *soon*  !!  NEW  !!
head: Genesis Lab - Sunny 2.0 *vip gift* !!  NEW  !!
body: Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara v3.3
hands: Slink  - AvEnhancement Hands
nailpolish: Hello Dave 

whole outfit: FDD Stories - Joselle @ Totally Top Shelf  !!  NEW  !!

fireflies: Alegria - Dancing Stars Fireflies /different colors - different sizes  @ WE<3 RP  !!  NEW  !!

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