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No. 1381 deep in the lands

you will find yourself and within yourself there is a land. I went out to find some peace and hell, I am still so in love with all that fantasy roleplay stuff and style! The tree and flowers are from Little Branch, long time did not see anything from them - and still in love too! The flowers looks fantastic with windlights on!

fantasy land lost Nana:

hair: Burley - Lisbeth Dips
face: League - Erin /medium
eyeshadow: nova - Dana oo3  !!  NEW  !!
mole: DeeTalez - Beauty Mole mesh
body: Slink - Physique Mesh Body v2.4 /some update with the hud again!
hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands v2.2
feet: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet v2.2

whole outfit with boots: FDD Stories - Trissa @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival  !!  NEW  !! 

pouch: RolePlayGear - Neck Pouch 5 @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival  !!  NEW  !!

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