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No. 1399 stomp your feet

and speak out loud! Otherwise most of the people will not hear what you have to say! That is what I feel last weeks - more and more! No chance to speak for shy or silent people anymore, but it is interesting and important what they have to say... me personaly do not have that problem - I am loud and proud! And in this new creations you hear me stomp!

hair: Exile - Rising Tides
face: Deesses Boutique - Cynda/050 Caffe Milk   !!NEW!!
again you have to try the new system from Deesses! The Mix&Match leaves all open for your skintone! Just go and try it out!
eyeshadow: Deesses Boutique - Cyndaeyeshadow / I am Nature  !!NEW!!
body: The Mesh Project - Deluxe Body
feet: AiShA - Capri Legs /coffe *different colors available huddriven @We <3 Roleplay   !!NEW!!

shoulders&top&corset: Alegria - Lich @Fantasy Gacha / huddriven  !!NEW!!
skirt: Magma - Mirime Skirt /huddriven colorchange  !!NEW!!
shoes: AiShA - Capri Legs /coffe (or see at feet) @We <3 Roleplay   !!NEW!!

staff: FDD Stories - Skylark Great Staff /goldantique

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