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No. 1327 two faced


it is so easy to hide behind a mask, to fake the real face and be so damn two faced! It is much more complicated to be open and honest with your friends and people around you.
I dream of a time without that hided feelings and enjoy the news at Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event!

dreaming Nana:

hair: Bens Hair Style - Sinthia /ginger  !!  NEW  !!
face: Pink Acid - Masuku /ivory @ Fantasy Collective  !!  NEW  !!
head: LeLuka - MeshHead Ever
body: Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara v3.3
hands: Slink  - AvEnhancement Hands
feet: Slink - AvEnhance Female Feet

nailpolish: ZOZ - French Polish @ Cosmopolitan !!  NEW  !!

dress: Salt - Jenna Dress /huddriven ultimative colorchange  !!  NEW  !!
shoes: YS&YS - Mykonos Strawberry for 21Shoes  !!  NEW  !!

mask: [Masked Menace] - Noh Mask @ Fantasy Collective  !! NEW  !!

furniture & deco
outdoor couch: striped mocha - Summer daybed @ Cosmopolitan !!  NEW  !!
bottles and bucket of wine: YS&YS - La Cantina /more parts available  !!  NEW  !!

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