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Got News?!

Yeah! Genesis Lab got some great news - awesome faces and different make ups! And yes, eyes... with wonderful colors to choose via hud! Say hello to Natasha and Sandra! At kustom9 and CosmeticFair you can get your new style and enjoy to go shopping clothes and more at CosmopolitanEvent!

from right to left:

hair: Amacci - Silvana @CosmopolitanEvent
eyes: Genesis Lab - Eyes 2.3 /Candy @CosmeticFair
head: Genesis Lab - Nicole 2.0
face: Genesis Lab - Natasha /cream @CosmeticFair
makeup: Genesis Lab - Barbie @CosmeticFair
bodyparts: Maitreya 

jewelry: Tantalum - Lolly Collection @CosmopolitanEvent 
top: Elegance Boutique - Blouse Kim /pink @CosmopolitanEvent

hair: Action Inkubator - Zoe
eyes: Genesis Lab Eyes 2.3 /brown @kustom9
head: Genesis Lab - Angie 2.0
face: Genesis Lab - Sandra /toffee @kustom9
makeup: Genesis Lab - eyeshadow&lipstick @kustom9
bodyparts: Maitreya 
tattoo: MAC Design - Dark Side @CosmopolitanEvent

jewelry: Meva - Cubes2 /iron @CosmopolitanEvent
top: Asteria - Fringe & Top @CosmopolitanEvent

hair: Action Inkubator - Emily
eyes: Genesis Lab - Eyes 2.3 /Candy @CosmeticFair
head: Genesis Lab - Nicole 2.0
face: Genesis Lab - Natasha DollFace /milk @CosmeticFair
bodyparts: Maitreya 

jewelry: AvaWay - Jolie /morion @CosmopolitanEvent
top: OVH - Aylah TopCrop /flower @kustom9

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