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the girls

if we go out - it can be crazy. But we start at the same point. Alot of shoes, cosmetica and new accessoires to check out the best style! Thanks to Punschi for that nice day and a lovely post - more will follow soon! Check out her version of us - here - and enjoy your weekend!

Nana on the left:

hair: NB Design - Dreadlocks /extrem variations
face: VCO - Doran
meshmouth: VCO - Benny Mesh Lip
body: Maitreya - Lara
bodyparts: SLink
nailpolish: Hello Dave
tattoo: Reckless - Boguski *group gift!*

septum: Mons - style46 silver
drinkpack: Cureless+Moon Amore - Sour Candy *from Whimsical*
top: NB Design - Saphira bra /mix and match system
bracelet: Eudora 3D - Eir Bracelet /steel
highwshorts: Moda - Bombshell highwaist shorts /huddriven
kneepatch: Muka - Spike Kneepads /huddriven
shoes: JustDesign - Coco /hotpink *group gift!*

for the look on the right have a look at her blog -here-  thanks ALOT for all the funny moments!

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