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No. 1498 hunt

if the hunted hunted. Unicorns are always hunted... but be sure - they can hunt too! Unerring arrows can hit you, everytime. Awesome theme - love the last unicorns, sweet or strong.
And see, that you are now in the happy position to get the face you want for your mesh head - Catwas update is really stunning - try it out!

hair: Amacci - Portia *was from Cosmopolitan Event*
head: Catwa - Gwen v4.6 *animations crazyness!*
face: DeeTaleZ - Masha /warrior *from we<3Roleplay*
bodyparts: Slink

armor: Alchemy - Huntress & Ritual /silver
braclets: AvaWay - Infinity /silverblack *from CosmopolitanEvent*
unicorn armor: AiShA - Armor Unicorn /silver black *from Enchantment*
huge friend: Alchemy - Dire Protector /snow

get your unicorn tody - happy shopping

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