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everthing is prima at the moment and just can come better? I am in a strange mood and abit stressed in RL, but SL comes out with perfect things last days and cheer me up! The cute outfits from Moon Amore just made my day and I was a perfect prima ballerina!

hair: rezology - Beach Bun
eyes: Just Magnetized - Basic eyes /set01 04c
head: Catwa - Jessica v4.7 *huge update! you need to see that!*
face: DeeTalez - Amanda /freckled nordic
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

earrings: Kunglers - Morgana earrings /silver *from CosmopolitanEvent*
patch: Moon Amore+Cureless - Antoinette's Closet /milktea *from TheArcade*
dress: Moon Amore+Cureless - Boudoir Dress /rare huddriven *from TheArcade*
shoes: u.f.o - Ballerina Dream /flat purple

the happy dances are from Move! - have a look at the news!
the poses are from Verocity - Rayna *from HelloTuesday*

hair: rezology - Blunted and Beautiful
eyes: Just Magnetized - Basic eyes /set01 01a
head: Catwa - Gwen v4.7 *huge update! exclusive*
face: L'Etre - Cintia /buttermilk (some left!)
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

dress w. accessoires: Moon Amore+Cureless - Tea Party Dress /rare *from TheArcade*
shoes: u.f.o - Ballerina Dream /socks blue

LOOOL - so sorry for the clitch at the 2. gif... somehow the program did combi an older with the new one! keep it interesting and go and buy all the stuff you saw today! thanks so so much for reading!

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