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SkinFair the other way around

all these fantastic blogs show all the skins/applier you can get from different stores. I thought - hey, I turn it around, cause I always ask myself, "what head is that?" - "Is that mesh?" - "can I use it?!"
So today I start the review for the huge event starting in some days (11th right?! ^^) with the options for Logo-Mesh Head Alex v3.0 Omega Customization.
My heart beats for The Skinnery and Egozy - two absolut different faces and both wonderful on Logo! Try the demo and different make-ups, I left them without anything to show you the pure face.

bird friendly Nana:

hair w.hat: Severed Garden - Kikky /huddriven *much options to wear*
eyes: whatever - Limited Eyes
head: Logo - Alex
face: The Skinnery - Celine /champagner *get ready for SkinFair*
dress: Moon Amore + Cureless - Romanova dress

butterfly Nana:

crown: Modern Couture - Marien Tiara /purple *from CosmopolitanEvent*
butterflies: Persefona - Butterflies on hair /mix2 *from CosmopolitanEvent*
hair: Truth - Vienna
eyes: whatever - Limited Eyes
head: Logo - Alex
face: Egozy - Cindy /fair *get read for SkinFair*
dress: Rinka - Mercedes Dress /turquoise *from CosmopolitanEvent*

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