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№ 1198 evenings


they come and you go out - I found the right style for this evening 
left model:
 hair: booN -BAL100
  eyes: Buzzeri - Lillian Eyes
skin: PinkFuel - Doll V2 (crystal)
lips: NyamNyam v1.2

jacket: RINKA - Semiina Cardigan 
NEW!! skirt: Bens Boutique - Adilyn Pencil Skirt @ Showroom
   tights: Izzie's - Cozy Tights
NEW!! boots: Moda - Kali Ankle Platform Boots (hot MP promo!)

NEW!! bracelet: AvaWay - White Pearl Bracelet

me at the right:
 hair: booN - DSY966
  eyes: Buzzeri - Lillian Eyes
NEW!! skin: Wow Skins - Lulu (DarkTan) @ Designer Circle
body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02
(thanks its available again!)
NEW!! coat: shine by ZD - Liberty Coat (red)
NEW!! skirt: shine by ZD -Jocelyn leather skirt (black)
NEW!! boots: YS&YS - Cortina Boots (black leather)

NEW!! earrings and necklace: AvaWay -Black Pearl earring / strand

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