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No. 1483 Herz für Tiere

oh so wonderful poses at Pose Lover Fair and I lost my heart at the Seasons Story! Pink Acid got these cute Dachshunds for us and we just love them! Thanks Anni for posing with me!

hair: EnVogue - Rihanna /light blondes
eyes: Mure - Ruby /huddriven
face: DeeTaleZ - Maggie /nordic
head: Logo - Alex /omega v3.0
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

top & pants: Cynful - Lazy About Top & Sweatspants now@MeshBodyAddict
sneakers: Redgrave - Tony /sky

hairpiece: Mag<3 B - Heart Hairband /gift
bracelets: Izzie`s - Hair Tie Bracelets
dackel: PinkAcid - Dachshund Puppy /gacha now@TheSeasonStory

couplepose: Picture Perfect - I heart you now@Pose Lover

happy shopping and enjoy the cold weather!

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