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No. 1400 sweet sinner

I am here, after all these years! Started this blog at wordpress in 2011, cause a lovely person and skin creator (kiss Hlin!) told me - it would be cool, cause my pictures and ideas are awesome. And this post is so sweet and same time it is a sinner!

hair: Argrace  - Haruka /vanilla
face: Slink  - Becky v2.3  *updated version*
teeth: Slink  - Visage Teeth Yaeba
body: Slink  -Physique Mesh Body v2.7 *updated version*
hands: Slink  - AvEnhancement Hands v2.2
feet: Slink  - AvEnhancement Feet v2.2

dress: Moon Amore - Papillon Dress /simple huddriven
shoes: Severed Garden - Poppy /huddriven     !!NEW!!

piercing: QweenB - Dermal Bow Piercing /chest & wrist huddriven  @Body Mod Expo   !!NEW!!

furniture & deco: Petite Maison - Angelica Coffee Bar /all cute details you see and more!  !!NEW!!

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