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rain rain rain

last days sun did not came out often and we had alot of rain. But I can find a good thing in all - I tasted the rain and did some long walks with my rainboots on. Wonder if I mean RL or SL? I always mix ALOT of my RL into these pictures, it reflects me and parts of my character.

hair: tram - C429 /beige
head: Catwa - Annie
face: L'Etre - Sarah /golden
body: Belleza - Venus V3

shawl: TonkTastic - Shemagh TT1 /huddriven
necklace: Swallow - LockofLove
sweater: Gawk! - Blue Simple Cotton Pullover
jeans: CandyDoll - Keisha Original Jeans
shoes: CandyDoll - Runway /denim

hair: elua - Xenia
head: Catwa - Gwen
face: DeeTaleZ - Momoka
body: Belleza - Venus V3

earrings: YS&YS - Precious *from TDR*
poncho w.pullover: Severed Garden - Mara /huddriven
leggings: i`pitǝmē - Essential Tights
boots: TonkTastic - Gumboots v1.1

have fun in the rain

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