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No. 1487 marry me

he said, and I said "yes"! So this is my last post for the next days - will be back 26th or 27th of this month and - yeah - I will be married! I have to thank Miss Candydoll for this cute dress she released, just brought me in the right mood!

hair: Truth - Vienna
eyes: whatever - Limited Eyes /huddriven now@ProjectLimited
face: Genesis Lab -  Lindsey 2.0 /milk now@TheSeasonStory
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

dress: CandyDoll - Sora Dress /ice shine now@C88
shoes: CandyDoll - Sasha /pale rose

jewelry & friend: Pink Acid - The Queen&The FennecFox now@Epiphany

hair: Besom - Kiwi /browns
eyes: Inkheart - Hades  Eyes / Toxic Blue
ace: Genesis Lab - Nelly /emotions now@Kustom9
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

dress: CandyDoll - Sora Dress /dust now@C88
shoes: CandyDoll - Sabatiny Ombre

jewelry: Swallow - Savannah Set /huddriven now@Kustom9 

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