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No. 1439 nova november I

after the makeups on LeLutka, I was sure to show you more on Catwa head is a must. So here we go, a happy high five for nova and all the chances to change your look!

left model

hair: BesomxFlite - Veluxe
face: Egozy - Mendoza
head: Catwa - Annie
eyeshadow/liner: nova - Kaylee
lipstick: nova - Brandee Lipstick /played with the transparency of the layer
all bodyparts: Slink /Physique Body + AvEnhance h&f

outfit: Moda - Harlei Leather Dress /huddriven 

right model

hair: Bens Hair Style - Marita /blonde
face: DeeTaleZ - Maddison /european
head: Catwa - Annie
eyeliner: nova - Raeleigh Liner
lipstick: nova - Brandee Lipstick /full visibility
all bodyparts: Slink /Physique Body + AvEnhance h&f

outfit: ArisAris - Gara14 Tops /huddriven

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