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No. 1445 colorfull 60's


was the name of the cool furniture/deco set I saw at Cosmopolitan Event and it just gave me the great feeling for that party!!

left party girl:

hair: booN - DIS379 /chocolate
head: Catwa - Annie Human V4.3 *update update!!*
face: the Skinnery - Sienna @Collabor88
eyes: ID - Moonlight eyes v2 /huddriven @Cosmopolitan Event
bodyparts: Slink   
tattoo: Reckless - Hunter @The Mens Department

top: Ricielli - Cropped Top /turquoise @Cosmopolitan Event
shorts: N-Uno - Kora Outfit Shorts /blue N1 1 @Cosmopolitan Event
shoes: Illi - Brandon Boatshoe /huddriven @Cosmopolitan Event

glasses: Clockhaus - Vintage Glasses /gold @Cosmopolitan Event
earrings: Minimal - Thunder Earrings /gold @Cosmopolitan Event

drinking party chick:

hair: Amacci - Amberlyn @Cosmopolitan Event
head: Catwa - Annie Human V4.3
face: DeeTaleZ - Cynthia /european 
eyes: ID - Moonlight eyes v2 /huddriven @Cosmopolitan Event 
bodyparts: Slink   

top&cardigan: Love25 - Dream Chaser Outfit  /part of it
pants: Emporium - Leggings /huddriven @Cosmopolitan Event
shoes: Ricielli - Valeska boots /slinkfit huddriven @Cosmopolitan Event

rings: Cae - Charmed Ring /serenity & sweet -more available- @Cosmopolitan Event

right arrived party guest:

hair: rezology - Sky High /small bangs 2versions in box 
face: Rowne - Dani /SPF30 
eyes: ID - Moonlight eyes v2 /huddriven @Cosmopolitan Event 
bodyparts: Slink   
tattoo: Reckless - Amor Muerto /faded @TMD

outfit: N-Uno - Kora Outfit shirt N1-5 /shorts N1-4 @Cosmopolitan Event
shoes: Reign - Lana Heels /huddriven@Cosmopolitan Event  @Cosmopolitan Event

earrings: Minimal -Minimal - Shell Earrings /huddriven
bag: Mag<3B - Cutie Bag /plaid yellow 
dog w. pose: BellePoses - French Dog @Cosmopolitan Event

furniture: six o'clock - colorfull 60's @Cosmopolitan Event @Cosmopolitan Event Minimal -
 N-Uno - N-Uno -N-Uno -

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