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No. 1434 some new friends

I am easy with making friends and sometimes I visit some real old friends and get the friendship back and keep it fresh - but sometimes we need a new view and some new friends!

hair: Slink - Tiffany
head: Genesis Lab - Rita 2.0
face: Gensis Lab - Polina /cream
bodyparts: Slink

pullover: shine by ZD - Harper Sweater /camel
jeans: shine by ZD - Elsie Superbaggy Jeans /do the laundry @Boho Culture Fair
socks: Izzie's - Tigh High Knit Socks

necklace: RYCA - Chain Double S II /iced gold *mens but I can wear it!*

pose with props
Focus Poses - My Puppies @Cosmopolitan Event
includes cellphone, puppies and the pallet bench

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