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No. 1493 Dj's need love

sure we party hard with our Dj's in SL and I really loved to go into clubs at my first months. I will change my blogging and will take more time for normal and fun-stuff in Second Life again, so it is a great idea to dance again.
My journey took me to a cool new dance store - MOVE! - and I would love to show you the first steps of it here!

hair: rezology - Sublime Siren
head: Logo - Alex v3.0 
face: Lara Hurley - Aria /rose pale
bodyparts: Slink
tattoo: Reckless - Pray2yourGods *from SaturdaySale*

top: Method - RoseStamp Top /gold *from CosmopolitanEvent*
pants: Lybra! - Simone /patchwork'nLeather *from CosmopolitanEvent*
shoes: Illi - Valtentine Heels *from CosmopolitanEvent*

Djbooth: Ideza - Home made Djbooth *from CosmopolitanEvent*
dogs: Black Bantam - MyOldChihuahua, Dachshund and newest in the family - Pitbull Puppys *from GachaGarden*
sitting pose: Shi.S - When you... *from PoseLover*

happy dancing with Move! and more infos:

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