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No. 1494 sugar rush

I did a diet this week and all I can think about is sugar!! tomorrow it will end and we go out to party -
have a great weekend with costumes and some good drinks - so before I am offline I decided to go and visit Chapter Four... why I did that?! omg so many cute stuff around and - something sweet to eat! Have a great time and enjoy sugar! (not to much you know....)

hair: Diva - Olivia *colorchange bow*
eyes: whatever - Limited Eyes
head: Catwa - Annie v4.4
face: Insol - Oksana /fair
bodyparts: Slink

jewelry: Avaway - Monica Pearls *from CosmopolitanEvent*
dress: shine by ZD - Camille Dress&Sweater /powderII *from ChapterFour*
bag: BlackBantam - The Doctors Bag /blue
shoes: ChicChica - Lola /pink *from SaNaRae*
hair: Diva - Nene
eyes: whatever - Limited Eyes
head: Logo - Alex v3.0
face: DeeTaleZ - Marie /European
bodyparts: Slink

earrings: Yummy - Flamingo Earrings
jewelry: Avaway - Monica Pearls *from CosmopolitanEvent*
hairacc: ChicChica - Ruby & Flower *from GachaGarden*
icecream: Pink Acid - Global Warming Flamingo *from ChapterFour*
dress: Luas - Kaori Outfit /pink *from ChapterFour*
shoes: Moda - Veronica Leather
bag: Shey - Swan Handbag

happy weekend and shopping

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