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No. 1228 kiss with a fist

is better than none. While I did some  very nice picture idea for Fantasy Room, I had to stop and turn around this blogpost. A discussion about mesh heads flew through my ears.
What is better? Do we need it? What is all about mesh-heads? Are we still unique with all the same mesh heads? What s about creativity? STOP!
I love both, skins on my shape-head and I am so so happy about mesh heads and the possiblities they gave us. And next post I will match the different mesh heads against eachother. I am not affraid that we will not be unique cause of these nice heads, cause there are many different out atm and they have tons of chances to create a new YOU! :)
For now lets fight mesh against shape:
What is good with mesh head? 1. easy to set up and change look, 2. fantastic profile view for pictures, 3. heads with applier option are similar but still different,  - if you have any plus, please tell me!
What is bad with mesh head? 1. the price is to high (more about that point next posts!), 2. you have the chance to met twins more often, 3. the possibilities to change makeup and face details are minimized, 4. some hair is not fitting right and no chance for alpha layer (yeah more about that later too), 5. some do not fit all mesh-bodies (more about that next next post!)

Now what does our shape gave in the ring:
What is good with shape head? 1. great options to change face structur myself, 2. the look can be absolut unique, 3. great options for makeup and facedetails, 4. hair is fitting, if not I can change shape or get alpha on, 5. may I do my shape myself it costs 0L$ - if you have any more points, please let me know!
What is bad with shape head? 1. I am not good in doing faces, cause it is not easy, I have to buy, 2. if I bought I have to change to be unique, 3.
 the profile look is hurrible for pictures, 4. face
 emotions look funny but not good

For the first time, that was all came into my head right now, 
please let me know if you have any ideas about that discussion and 
stay tuned for the mesh heads fight against eachother!
Ready to rumble!
Next post I blog the outfits in fantasy style... :) promise!

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