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No. 1245 waited long enough

and sometimes if you waited long - you give up or loose interest. That may be sad and these feeling I hope I catched here:

hair: Catwa - Jessie !!NEW!!
eyes: the Skinnery - ForeverYours @ Cosmetic Fair !!NEW!!
face: New Faces - Alice @ Cosmetic Fair !!NEW!!
beautymarks: the Skinnery - Beauty Marks @ The Chapter Four !!NEW!!
body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
mesh hands: Slink AvEnhancement Hands
nailpolish: Hello Dave - My 51 (gloss and matt version available) !!NEW!!

stola & dress: May's Soul - Madonna dress with fur !!NEW!!

hairflowers: Catwa/Gayaa - Jasmine Wreath !!NEW!!
horn: SweetPoison/OAL - War Horn (RPGear - you can blow it!) !!NEW!!

tree: Little Branch - Amur tree (cool 4seasons menu!) @ Cosmopolitan  !!NEW!!

single poses: NanasCherries - release soon :)

so if he do not come... blow the horn! ;-)

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