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No. 1390 swimming

your words are like swimming. Which I forgot when I started to sink.... and then, see what I have found! Sometimes it is good just to "swim" around in SL and find something new what gives inspirartion!

mermaid Nana:

hair: Truth - Avena
head: Genesis Lab. - Emily /huddriven @ kustom9  !!  NEW  !!
lipstick: Genesis Lab. - Lip Gloss @ kustom9  !!  NEW  !!
body: Belleza - Venus V3
nails: Gorgeous Dolls - Deviant Dolly Claws Vol1 / Belleza hands

neck&tail: Alegria - Metal Mermaid /silver @ Enchantment  !!  NEW  !!

crown&ring: Pink Acid - Mermaids Kingdom Jewelry

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