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No. 1465 christmas hide out

time for gifts in SecondLife! Some special groupgifts are out and some events with awesome stuff... I can not find words - so let the pictures speek for Nana :)

hair: Truth - Bernadette /groupgift
face: New Faces - Emilia /pale @kustom9
makeup: New Faces - Emilia makeup @kustom9
head: Catwa - Annie v4.4 *redeliever for updates!*
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

sweater&shirt: Moda - Tiffany Sweater Set /huddriven
pants: Cynful - Joggers /pink @Frost2015 
boots: Severed Garden - Rudy /huddriven

collar: Pink Acid - Locket Of Love DiamondChocker @TheChapterFour
necklace: YS&YS - Wish Necklace Fox @ChristmasOn34thStreet
bracelet: Swallow - Cuff Bracelet /huddriven /groupgift
suitcase: BlackBantam - Gone For Winter @TheArcade 

Kit's details you can see at her blog -HERE-  thank you darling for a wonderful time :) always <3


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