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No. 1464 writing you a letter

or maybe you? or you? what I write you all every day is about the news in SL and specials on events - I am doing that for over 4 years now and I am still doing it with love and passion. New ideas and inspirations are always welcome and nearly every week I try to learn some stuff, about pictures, blogging, fashion or whatever reachs my brain! Enjoy the news with me -

hair: Truth - Ryleigh
face: YS&YS - Patricia /tone 2 @TDR
head: Catwa - Annie v4.4 *redeliever for updates!*
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

top & cardigan: FAC - Jip Cardigan includes Truus Top applier
jeans: Stardust - Sparkle Jeans /grey
boots: ROC - Martens Boot 

necklace: Eudora3D - Eos Necklace /huddriven
hangingwriter: Tentacio - Writeyoualetter necklace /lila

hair: enVogue - Gisselle
face: VCO - Benny oo1
lips: VCO - Benny Mesh Lip /medium tone
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

pullover: Lakshmi - Vivi Top /huddriven @CosmopolitanEvent
sweater hip: flow - Sweatshirt tied around
pants: FAC - Kees Baggy Pants /huddriven
shoes: Eudora3D - Army Hi-Tops /huddriven

typewriter: Tentacio - Writeyoualetter /pink
necklace: Mandala - Legendary Necklacedora3D - 

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