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No. 1463 getting ready

the last days are going on the countdown is running - we are getting ready for christmas - first gifts are out and so many nice stuff to get from awesome designers!

left version: 

hair: no match - no action @CosmopolitanEvent
face: VCO - Nina oo1
lips: VCO - NinaMesh Lip /open mouth
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

outfit: Rinka - Kerry Jacket & Tunic & Shanna Jeans @CosmopolitanEvent
shoes: ROC - Bohemia Tassel Boots /huddriven

jewelry: Meva - Bongo Set @CosmopolitanEvent 

right version:

hair: Truth - Randa
face: VCO - Benny oo1
lips: VCO - Benny Mesh Lip /medium tone
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

outfit: N-Uno - Kirstina Outfit /pink @ShinyShabby
shoes: ChicChica - Carol /blue @CosmopolitanEvent  

cup: #Foxy - Tumbler /style5 @CosmopolitanEvent

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