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No. 1473 all my catwa faces

a huge thanks to all the great designers which do these wonderful faces! And a huge thanks to Miss Catwa Clip for her creativity and nice updates!
I love all my catwa faces and here I wanna show you how different we can look - all with the same head! It is just not true, that mesh heads basically let us look all the same! Be creativ and try different things and see the head I used is Catwa - Annie v4.4 and the faces are all absolutly different!

from left to right:

Pink Fuel Morgana /crystal tone
The Skinnery Hitomi /milk tone
L'Etre  Gloria /cotton tone
Bold&Beauty  Scarlet /light fair
New Faces  Emilia /summer
YS&YS Ava /Tone04
The Skinnery Sienna /onyx tone

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year!

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