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No. 1275 write or type

if you write it or type it - let your people know what you like and give them the chance to share it! After alot of moments with "aaargh" and " ooooh " - I did it! Share buttons for nearly every social media. Hope you like it and if you write or type it - love the cool news I found today!

hair: Soonsiki - Tumbleweeds @ N21    !!NEW!!
hairbase: Just Magnetized -Natural Hairbase
face: Redgrave - Liv /pale
body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02

top & shorts: Project Reject - Baseball Tee & Bermuda Shorts  @ Cosmopolitan  !!NEW!!
shoes: Candy Doll - Melissa /brown @ Uber   !!NEW!!

jewelry: Eudora 3D - Maya jewelry /Autum  @ kustom9  !!NEW!!

mailorganzizer: Stardust - Mailorganizer /white  !!NEW!!
table & chair: Urban Daisies - Vintage table & Utrecht chair

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