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No. 1267 Skinfair2015

the SkinFair or SkinFair [two sims] is running and great new work I saw there! I can not decide which faces to show you first - so I made a little pre-view! If you find a free spot get your demos and enjoy the news! More from the Fair soon!! Lovely new faces!

hair is all from Soonsiki, eyes are all from Weon, holdable friends are from Weon too

from left to right
redhead: YS&YS - Viola             @ SkinFair
softblond: Lara Hurley - Elea      @ SkinFair
midbrown: Pink Acid - Doretta    @ SkinFair
nordicblond: WoW Skins - Ilenia  @ SkinFair
coldbrown: Belleza - Tess             @ SkinFair
darkbrown: Iren - Galina               @ SkinFair

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