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No.1269 more Skinfair

this time I used different shapes, cause sometimes we are searching the complett different new look - and to give you an idea how fantastic the change can be - here more great stuff from this years SkinFair!

eyes are all from Buzz

from the left to right:
left hair - little bones (50LFriday), all in the middle - Moda (limited editions), right hair - EatersComa (69)

black beauty: New Faces - Willow     @ SkinFair
blond angel: New Faces - Brittany    @ SkinFair
midblond girl: SyS - Angie               @ SkinFair
darkbrown love: the Skinnery - Judy @ SkinFair
redhead fun: Izzie's - Romy              @ SkinFair
blackhair lady: Swallow - Sabry       @ SkinFair

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