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No. 1278 smell like lotus

and I have a bird in my cage! Sure I will let him free and just enjoyed his beauty for a while! Some touch of asia for my home I found - so the post got abit asian. Hope you like it

asian Nana:

hair: tram - C424 /black
face: Unique Megastore - Thai Women
tattoo: Reckless - Vida  *omg free member gift*  !!NEW!!
body: Belleza - Venus v.0.02

dress: NB Design - Asia Dress
shoes: May's Soul - Rieshy sandals @ Fantasy Room  !!NEW!!

headpiece & cage: May's Soul - Japan Treasures @ We <3 Roleplay  !!NEW!!
necklace: OAL/Sweet Poison - Captured Buds /paperwhite @ Love & War  !!NEW!!
bracelets: shine by ZD - Cara Leather & Ornamental braclets   !!NEW!!

couch & table: Stardust - Futon *animated*  !!NEW!!
sushi: Espy - Sushi Dinner /deepblue *Gacha*

poses: Nanas Cherries

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