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No. 1422 best thing ever

happens to me and if you just know the feeling and it is so right! Like the awesome stuff I found for today - just feels so right, so Nana! Perfect cherry colors and the styles just fit like done for me - the mix and match queen!

hair: Bens Hair Style - Annie /red1  !!NEW!!
eyebrow: DeeTaleZ - medium black brows
eyes: Egozy - Subliminal /green
liner: nova - Becca Eyliner /oo1
face: Egozy - Nayenda /porcelain    !!NEW!!
body: Slink - Physique Mesh Body v2.8 /*do not miss an update*
hands: Slink  - AvEnhancement Hands
feet: Slink - AvEnhance Female Feet

sweater: FAC - Isadora Sweater /dark pack huddriven   !!NEW!!
shorts: OVH - HuntShorts        4 OVH Hunt                  !!NEW!!
sweater around hip: OVH - Knotted Izzie Skirt /red      !!NEW!!
thighs: Izzie's - Cozy Tights
shoes: Moda - Macey Wedge Sneakers /huddriven        !!NEW!!

little hamsters: Genesis Lab. - Pet Hamsters @The Epiphany  !!NEW!!
bag: Tentacio - Molly Bag /black letters arm @kustom9          !!NEW!!

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