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No. 1431 Catwa Faces


are awesome! So many different chances to get a totaly different look with one and the same mesh head! I love the emotions, but to show the skins I decide to not smile. Catwa heads are ready for you!

Sure I did not show all skintones from a skin or all makeups and styles. Just ideas of these wonderful creations, what maybe send you to shop to demo the favorite you saw
right now - there!
here are the direct links to the shops and/or marketplace:

Deesses:         inworld  -  marketplace
DeeTaleZ:      inworld  -  marketplace
Egozy:           inworld  -  marketplace (no inworld)
It Girls:          inworld  -  marketplace
Mignonne:     inworld  -  marketplace
PinkAcid:      inworld  -  marketplace
the Skinnery: inworld  -  marketplace (some gacha skins are available on MP)
YS&YS:        inworld  -  marketplace

sure there are many more out there - but please we will have some posts about it sooner or later again!

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