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No. 1283 first time

I saw a mesh head was at Logo - and even the heads are older, it was my first mesh part and so we should start with it! The Logo heads still look very nice in detail and zoom, nice profile and the options are nice for an affordable price!     BUT   - They forgot to go with the time. The update and extras for the huds are wordless bad. You have to put in scripts yourself and have all double in your inventory. Every skincolor of the heads you have to do the same steps. That is a big minus and a clear reason why I do not wear them so often anymore. Both heads, Chloe and Sadie are supercute and still sexy. But two folders for every head and a 'masterfolder' with 10 (!!!) folders in it - Sorry Logo, that is not up-to-date and to much for me.
If you have the hud filled with all options you bought - it is pretty easy and nice to handle. But the steps to come to an result like for these shot; is just to long.
Mesh head post number one tells us, it is not easy to keep customers happy, but there are options out (showing in next posts!) which can keep us smiling!
If I forgot anything to say about the Logo head - Go on and comment or moan!

hair: Emo-tions - Chevia /silver @ Cosmopolitan  !!NEW!!
face: Logo - Chloe v3 /almond
hands: Slink  - AvEnhancement Hands
feet:  Slink - AvEnhance Female Feet

complete look: Alegria - Minerva @ Love & War   !!NEW!!

pose: Nanas Cherries - Catwalk Set

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