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No. 1485 bad mood

if you are in a bad mood, and all around is getting colder. We all know these feelings and I am honest - from time to time my smiling face is just frozen.
But last days were wonderful and even if the weather is getting ready for winter (my wardrobe was it long before!) - I had to do alot of RL, what not made me stop visiting events and blogging - sooo here we go!

hair: rezology - Side Braid
eyes: whatever - Limited Eyes /huddriven now@ProjectLimited
face: DeeTaleZ - Marie /nordic
head: Logo - Alex /omega v3.0
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink

tattoo: Reckless - Titanium now@Sir

shoulderpad&bracelet: AiShA - Ainia /different colors available now@SecretAffaire
thong: Muka - Wicca Thong /huddriven
shoes: Bens Boutique - Petra High Heels now@TheShowroom

staff: AiShA - The Ritual Staff /gold-white more colors available
earrings: YS&YS - Set01/Pyramid Gold now@TheDressingRoom

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