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No 1219 painted moment


sometimes I feel like just close eyes and just hear the sound - feel the moment. It feels like painted
NEW!! hair: DuraDura - Girl53
NEW!! face/applier: The Skinnery - Yukiko
(full release...! <3)
head: TheMeshProject - Moody 
  body: Maitreya - Lara V2.1
NEW!! scarf/sweater/jacket: Tentacio - Danna  @ kustom 9
(awesome color/texturechange hud!)
NEW!! jeans: {NaYu} Design - Skinny Jeans v2 (Black)
NEW!! shoes: Moda - Tina Leather Heels (promo price)

headphones: Swallow - Headphone Skull
NEW!! glasses: Reckless - Fett (Black clear) @ N-Twenty1

NEW!! light/table/shelf: BananaN - FloorLight/SofaTable/Shelf @ Cosmopolitan 
get that picture ready.... love the moment!

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