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No. 1482 helpful

to be abit more friendly and nice to each other would be very helpful. To spend a little of your time for some creatures or people who need a helping hand. I think that is a nice thought for the weekend - wonderful saturday evening!

hair: rezology - Wikillectual
lashes: Mai Bilavio - Essential Lashes Deluxe
eyes: Hermony - R-Eyes /coffee
liner: Deeses Boutique - Blaxy eyeliner palette
lipstick: DeeTaleZ - Lipstick transparent
face: DeeTaleZ - Simona /Mixedtype
head: Catwa - Annie v4.4
bodyparts: Maitreya & Slink
nailpolish: Hello Dave - Only By Night

kimono&co: Ambrosia - Kimono & TabiZouri now@Cosmopolitan Event 
hair&ring: Violetility - Plumeria now@Cosmopolitan Event 

lanterns: Naminoke - Japanese Lantern /gacha now@Cosmopolitan Event 
birdtree and birds: TLC - Birdtable /w.animated and singing birds now@Cosmopolitan Event 
trees: LittleBranch - Alaska v1 /seasons version was@Hello Tuesday

try to be nice

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